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What is this?

Well, in short, over the past few years I’ve been looking for wider and more interesting events to take part in. I’m an occasional runner, occasional cyclist, occasional climber, occasional snowboarder. Not an expert in any of them, but relatively proficient, and I enjoy being able to get out and drop into sports like these.

I mainly do these activities for the love of movement, and for the love of getting out into the countryside (I’ll resist the urge to call it ‘wild’) – and slowing down from the daily rat race. As a result, outside of training / day to day exercise, most of the events that I do are so that I can explore, see new places or meet like minded people. I particularly enjoy getting out into the hills or mountains.

I meant to start this a while back – I’ve done some great events in the past couple of years – running around Cornwall and jumping off cliffs, skyrunning in Wales, many local trail races – but with Covid lockdown having interrupted some of this, maybe this is a good opportunity to start.

Any pictures in here are likely to not be to the level of the main photography because…..well, I’m not running with a DSLR!

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